#ARE YOU BOOK ENOUGH challenge – thema zee

#ARE YOU BOOK ENOUGH challenge – thema zee

July 24, 2020 – Are You Book Enough challenge on Instagram

Sea is the beautiful theme of this month’s #areyoubookenough challenge..

In July I joined the #areyoubookenough challenge for artists’ books again on Instagram. Sarah Maker started this in January 2017 and organises it every month!

For the challenge I made this book of waves in the ever-changing colours of the sea.
I love how the construction supports the movement. Whatever the place and weather I love looking out at sea – the never ending waves and the infinite horizon ‘straightens’ my world, soothes my soul and makes me move forward..

Structure tutorial in the Dutch Bookbinders’ Magazine.
Original design: Peter Baumgartner.

I love this #areyoubookenough community and seeing all the different entries every month. You can enter every month or if you run out of time or ideas, skip a month. In addition you post your favourite nine at the end of a month (a favourite part of the challenge and very inspiring too to see all the different entries and meet so many like-minded people).