Box your book – Design a box for one of your fav books

Box your book – Design a box for one of your fav books

July 4, 2021 –

This pop-up box is my entry for the international #boxyourbook competition, organised by Stichting Handboekbinden (the Dutch Society of Bookbinding).

I’m over the moon that my box is one of the box designs chosen by the jury that will be exhibited later this year in the Netherlands and part of the complementary catalogue.
When the competition was announced in 2020, I immediately knew it would have to be this edition of Alice in Wonderland with amazing illustrations by Dutch illustrator Floor Rieder. Check her latest work here.

The ‘Box-Your-Book’ competition invited to think ‘out-of-the-box. As described in more detail by the organising committee here: “Design and make a box for one of you your favourite books, This competition it is all about you making a box for a book a bought or received book that you found yourself enthralled by while reading it or looking at it. The challenge lies in the way the ‘handmade’ connects with ‘machine made’. Do you, for example, want it to form a unity or to emphasize a contrast? Thinking about this can yield new creative insights for designing and making your unique and personally crafted book box.”

With a box for this book, something should happen – something unexpected, something captivating! By following Alice through the lock, you’ll find the key and the book seems to magically pop up.

The box is made of dozens of pieces of board, covered in linen and paper. When opening the box, the ribbon pulls the book up from the slipcase. To close the box and keep it closed, magnets have been hidden in the outside box. I definitely enjoyed to explore this design and the technical challenge to make a variation of the original pop-up by Swiss binder Hugo Peller.

All pictures and video’s © 2021, Anna in Paperland

Have I gone mad?, said the Mad Hatter.
I’m afraid so.
You’re entirely bonkers.
But I’ll tell you a secret.
All the best people are, said Alice.
| Alice in Wonderland