1st prize national bookbinding competition

1st prize national bookbinding competition

January 15, 2020 – Hoorn, the Netherlands.

Today was the last day for the national bookbinding exhibition ‘The Promiss’. At 12.00h the exhibition in the Westfrisian Archive in Hoorn closed with a festive ceremony. It was really nice to meet everyone and have a final look at the exhibited books. All bindings were based on the sections provided and consisting of the book by André Nuyens.

My book is a variation of the Origata binding by Julie Auzillon and fits in a Japanese magic box where both the book and accompanying Asian herbs & teas are in the different hidden compartments. I was inspired by the book that is about a girl who disguised as a boy, travels on a ship from Europe/Holland to the Indies to find her love.

When everyone was seated in the conference room, the director of the Archive welcomed all attendees, André Nuyens gave a talk and thanked everyone who helped to make this happen. Then bookbinder Marja Wilgenkamp explained the way the jury had worked and gave the word to Samir Bashara, councilor of Art and Culture of the city of Hoorn, who handed out the jury- and public prizes. All bookbinders received a Certificate of Participation and jury report.

I’m over the moon to have received the first prize from both the jury and the audience for my binding and box!

Anna van Rietschoten Winner first jury prize and public’s prize.
Binding structure: Origata binding (Julie Auzillon) in a Japanese magic box/Jacob’s ladder box.

Materials: paper, Tyvek, vintage map.
Inspiration: Long travel from Europe to East-India, turbulent waves, hidden identity.