Journals, tributes, bound books

A new binding for an old book, a wedding book for your guests to leave a note with a picture, a book with contributions from a farewell, the annual figures tastefully bound, a book for a grandchild, your thesis or art presentation in a way that enhances your work…

Together we will discuss ideas and options to perfectly complement the book’s content!

Presentation boxes

A box is the best way to protect small (art) objects, precious books, photos or prints against the effect of light, moisture and dust. A well-made box is at the same time also a wonderful way to display its contents.

Vegan wrap journals

Notes, thoughts, dreams, plans, memories…
Write, draw or keep them in this beautiful hand-made journal.
Lovely to carry around with you.

This version of the eco-friendly, cork fabric wrap journal is A6 size, filled with FSC blank paper.  The pages are sewn in four signatures and the journal stays open easily.
Pages can be blank, with dots or lined and any size up to A4!

Swiss binding sketchbook

With the swiss binding the book block is being perfectly bound to the inside back cover, allowing the spine and front cover to open flat till the last pages. The binding also provides room to add creative collages to the pages.
The sections of the book block are stitched by hand with coloured linen yarn.

It is a creative alternative to both case and soft binding, it allows the spine of the book to lay flat.

Screw-post binding

A screw post binding uses screws to hold the pages in between two covering boards. It is a beautiful alternative to a standard binding and is very effective if you’re looking for a way to easily change and update your contents of your book.

Wedding guest book

To have and to hold for decades to come.
A wedding book for your guests to leave a note with a picture. Tailor made in the wedding colours.

This hardcover guest book can be customised with names, date or special event name foil printed on the cover. Or show your wedding invite in a recessed cover panel display.
Both size, number of pages and colours can be tailored to your personal wishes.

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