Anna in Paperland

Anna in Paperland

February 11, 2020 –

A special moment for me today: introducing my Anna In Paperland designs to you!
I love the combination of handletttering with the elegant typeface in my logo.

The illustration of the Flax plant plays a major role and is reflected in the logos, the small images and the separate illustration. The flax plant is an important element that is incorporated in the products I like to work with; strong and elegant.

The hand-drawn flax flower is a symbol for my favourite bookbinding materials: bookbinder’s linen, handmade paper and linen yarn that can all be made of flax.

Flax is also used for all kinds of sustainable applications and grown locally here in the Netherlands. Linen bookcloth and yarn are made from the long flax fibres, but the short flax fiber is also being used as an important raw material for paper.

Graphic designer Milou | Mevrouw Knot created this logo and all items for my adventures in papery wonderland. I’m really excited to start using these designs!