#ARE YOU BOOK ENOUGH – challenge

#ARE YOU BOOK ENOUGH – challenge

February 29, 2020 – Are You Book Enough challenge on Instagram

This month I joined the #areyoubookenough challenge again for artists’ books on Instagram. Sarah Maker started this in January 2017 and still is very active organising it every month!

I love this community and seeing all the different entries every month. You can enter every month or if you run out of time or ideas, skip a month. In addition you post your favourite nine at the end of a month (a favourite part of the challenge and very inspiring too to see all the different entries and meet so many like-minded people).

Heal is the beautiful theme of this month’s #areyoubookenough challenge.

From the start I had on my mind to use the art of Kintsugi, of golden joinery in my book. With this Japanese art of repairing broken pottery, I love that you can embrace the imperfect, the wear and tear of an object even after it has broken.

For this book I used the sling fold design by Hedi Kyle, whereby I’ve glued ‘torn’ pieces of paper back together. Standing upright you can see the outside and its weathered lines. On the inside it can spring open to reveal the surfaces beneath.

It’s amazing how resilient we can be, how we can heal in life. On the other hand, it is also important to be able to speak about what is in our heart and show our feelings, our many layers and scars.

The poem on the inside of the book says:

Healing is a road
Maybe it’s okay
if it takes time to be okay.
Maybe healing is a road
lined with endless grace.

| Morgan Harper Nichols