Crisscross binding

Crisscross binding

May 10, 2020 –

The crisscross binding has been on my list to create for months. The binding is named after the crossing of the thread that takes place in the hinge and travels from one side to the other. This holds the book together even with a 360 degree rotation. I do love the geometrical pattern of this binding. It creates a distinct thread pattern on the cover and it is a surprisingly sturdy binding that allows the book to open completely flat.

This is the famous ‘Secret Belgian Binding’, now renamed Crisscross binding in reference to the crossings generated by the sewing thread. I knew the designer Anne Goy was working on a new publication about the binding with drawings, diagrams and photos, This spring the edition was published and I bought the book including material pack from

The book cover consists of a separate front and back cover, and a spine piece. The previously sewn textblock is attached when the threads that pass under the spine piece also pass through the stitches on the spine of the textblock. The spine piece is held in place only by these threads passing over and under it.

I’m pleased with the result and looking forward to making the second variation that is in Anne’s book.