Extended Leporello

Extended Leporello

January 9, 2021 –

extended leporello

A leporello or harmonica book is a piece of paper that is folded in a zigzag. This can vary from a few to tens of folds. For example the Splash leporello made by Peter Struyken in 1974 is over 5 meters long…

Leporello is an eponym of Leporello, the servant of Don Giovanni, who kept the list of his lord’s mistresses in a booklet. In early performances of this opera, to emphasize the length of this list, this booklet was a zigzag folded piece of paper.

Together with 6 other bookbinders we each created our own version of the leporello. Each of the seven bookbinders made a different section to send to each other. General themes were ‘square and typography’. Shown is an extended leporello, as the base leporello has a connecting part to the different square sections.

My square contains a typography poster I made at the typography course by Bert Rigters at Papyrus Private Press in Leiden. Highly recommended! The poster has been folded into a so-called Turkish map.

We were inspired for the bookbinders’ leporello by the Flemish #boekbindcollectief 14×14

For the next session we will each create a binding based on an example by Gary Frost and Keith Smith.