Sewn board binding

Sewn board binding

November 1, 2020 –

Elegant with semisoft covers that are the same size as the pages and a spine that makes the book open so well. Just the perfect notebook to take with you. Such a nice soft feel holding this book.

The sewn boards binding is Gary Frost’s modern adaptation of an ancient method of board attachment. Unlike the case bound binding, this binding has stiffened outer signatures that are sewn along with the text block to function as the book’s boards. Another difference is that only the sides of the board materials are glued.

This binding has been on my wish list for ages and this summer I got the chance to watch Karen Hanmer’s tutorial online that was originally presented at the Guild of Bookworker’s conference 2013 in the USA. This week I finally made the binding and really like the way it opens. Look at that spine!

Original design and description: Gary Frost
Adaptation by Karen Hanmer.

Paper: FSC Munken
Linen: Balacron Ottawa, gifted by Balacron Covers